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Related article: Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 04:35:50 +0000
From: Tony Ryan
Subject: Father-Son surprise 3This is only fiction. None of this is taken from real life and I don't
recommend this as a real-life practice. Take this as a fantasy and enjoy it
as such. Don't read this if you aren't over 18. The copyright belongs to me.
And practice safe sex.Thanks for all the e-mails and support I've gotten so far. Please keep the
mail coming, especially to let me know if I keep you coming.--Here I was in bed with my 16-year old son. Holding him, carressing him. I
used to shoosh away his nightmares and wipe his tears; now I was licking my
semen from the corners of his mouth. Times certainly change."That was a great...experience, son, but you still haven't told me about
your first time."Keith fidgeted in my grip. What was yooung loli nude pics he hiding? I sighed from exhaustion and
satisfaction while he began kissing his way down my expansive pubic hair.
The feel of my baby boy's mouth massaging my sagging babymakers and fat
shaft was indescribable. But he'd already blown me a few moments earlier and
although nothing can describe the feeling of loli model pics free your son fellating you, I knew
he was keeping his throat occupied for the wrong reasons. Gently, I pulled
him off my lap and stroked his cheeks."It's OK, buddy. Just tell me. Did someone force you?"Keith shook his head, quite vehemently, his shaggy hair cascading against
his forehead and sorrowful eyes. His hesitation still worried me."Dad, do ya have to know?"I nodded. His normally naughty eyes welled up tears. He had been so strong
and forceful all these weeks, with me acting horny and unstable, like we had
reversed roles. With him here in my arms, vulnerable and needy, I remembered
just what pink lolita model pthc being a father was about. My fingers naturally gravitated to his
smooth, slight pectorals. With gentle touches and small kisses along his
hairline, I tried my best to reassure him."Tell me, son. No matter what, I'm not going to hate you or blame you. Got
that?"Keith must have seen the sincerity in my eyes, because he finally spoke up."Uh...last summer, when you were at a conference and Mom went to visit
Grandma."Hmm...that was when Jeff housesat for a few weeks. Jeff is my older brother.
We're mistaken for twins sometimes, because we're only a few years apart.
Physically we're remarkably similar, except for his receding hairline, which
I tease him about at every family get-together. Oh, and I also have a bigger
dick than he does, although he's a bit thicker. That had led to all kinds of
"big little brother/little big brother" jokes back in school."OK, son. So, while Jeff was out, you met somebody. You..."I stopped when he began stroking my bicep."Dad. Jeff wasn't out. It was Jeff. The first time, I mean. Shit..."We both flinched, our intimacy shattered into pieces. Outrage was not the
word to describe my reaction. Keith tried to hold me in place when I lunged
off the bed."I'll KILL that asshole. MY OWN BROTHER!!! How could he DO this to you? How?
Why? How?"Jeff was damn lucky for that out of town construction job of his. Meanwhile,
I wore out a hole in the expensive bedroom carpeting. The most craven of
images filled my mind. My brother and my son..."Dad, he didn't rape me or anything, and he didn't trick me. I-I-I don't
really know how to explain, it's all fucked up in my head. Ever since I
started...you know, jerking off, I've seen guys. Pals. Teachers. Eminem and
Nick Lachey and Lenny Kravitz and even fucking Springsteen. Uncle Jeff. And
even you...and...so many others. I was barely able to control myself around
you, and then Uncle Jeff is alone in the house with me day after day, he
smells like sweat and piss and everything a man should be. He's wearing
nothing but boxer briefs and he's barely able to fit in 'em, his dick is so
thick and his head huge and thick and sopping wet against the front of his
underwear. His ass is so round, pure rock-hard muscle, just jutting out, a
bubble butt for me to sink my teeth into. His drawers were so tight I could
see the hairs on his cheeks, I could see the dark fur in his crack. I could
see the veins in his fat prick. I would go into my room every night and
finger my hole and stroke myself while I thought about the way he stared at
me and how he liked to pinch my tits or squeeze my ass. One time he even
groped my crotch while we were horsing around, and that's when I knew how
much he wanted me. I felt his huge dick burrowing in my crack, only a few
layers of cloth separating us. I thought it was wrong, Dad. So wrong."He sighed and pushed the palms of his hands into his eyes, then continued. I
had my back turned. This was all perverse and a violation of every principle
I'd been taught and had taught my son, but dammit, I was fully erect and
leaking. What was wrong with me? My brother and my son..."He knew it was wrong too. He started drinking. A lot. One night preteen lolita panty pictures we were
watching a ball game and he was already bombed. Asked me if I'd ever fucked
tight football player ass. Said it was better than any pussy out there. I
was squirming to hide my boner. Next thing I knew, he had pulled out his
meat and he was stroking. Except for nude photos online and the times I
spied on you in the shower - sorry 'bout that, by the way - pink lolita model pthc I'd never seen
any cock but my own. He was as thick around as my wrist, the head was
purple, the size of a plum, with a deep, oozing slit, and all the veins on
the underside...I'd never seen anything so ugly or so beautiful. It was like
my life hadn't really started 'til that moment. He started pumping himself,
groaning, tugging at his chest hair. He looked directly at me, Dad. I knew
this was for me. And I was so HARD and SCARED, I practically ran to my room.
He was putting on a show for me, like he was my whore. My uncle, my father's
brother, the image of my dad, my cockslut. I couldn't take that. But I
couldn't forget it either. I shut my lights off, bit down on my lip, and
pulled my pud. I barely even had to touch myself before the semen erupted.
I'd never come so much, just buckets and buckets. Oh Dad..."The whole sleazy story should have made me sick. Maybe it did. But I
remembered how much Jeff enjoyed touching me back when we were teenagers.
He'd taught me how to masturbate. In darkened rooms, our whispers and gasps
and tiny little grunts of orgasm would reverbate from under the white
sheets. We'd even tasted each other's cum, once or twice. I'd totally
forgotten about that, how loving and dominant he was, until just now. I'd
forgotten how sad he was when I'd gotten married, that sense of sadness and
loss haunting every family gathering we've had. I'd forgotten so many
things. It all made sense now.Here I was, naked, my hairy, broad chest and tight abs covered in lolita loli child models
the dried
loads of myself and my son. Achingly hard. I was in no position to judge. I
turned around. Keith's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw my
towering erection."Go on with the story," I whispered, not daring to put even a finger on my
dad hard-on. Keith was erect now too, had been for a while, leaking steady
precum on my silk sheets."Uh...then I tried to go to sleep. A few hours later, my door opened. I knew
who it was. He pulled the sheets back and I heard him suck in a breath when
he saw me naked. His fingers were so cool against my body. They were rough,
y'know, callused. I'm smooth and he seemed to really like that. He trailed
down my hip, inside my thigh. He ran his thumb up my shaft, gouged his nail
inside my slit. I could hear his lips smacking while he tasted my pre-cum.
He slipped two fingers inside my ass. I was cherry and he knew it
immediately. The fingers...they knew exactly where to go. I felt so cheap,
but every time I clamped on them, he'd dig around and find a weak spot. Next
thing I knew, his mouth was on my hole, his fingers had spread my cheeks.
His tongue...OH GOD..."Keith was panting from both lolita cum nymphet video
the memory of my brother's tongue as well as my
fingers now gently milking his shaft. I propped his penis on top of mine,
sliding them against each other, our early ejaculate greasing the way. Keith
pulled me in for a brutal kiss before he continued his tale."I-I never knew it felt like that. His stubble burning inside my cheeks.
Soooo good. He was milking my prick too, Dad, just like you are now.""That's cause we know what makes our boy feel good," I rasped out. God this
kid was making me into a monster. I had no control over any of my common
sense."Yeah, you do, Daddy. Like it when I call you Daddy? Look at how it makes
your big daddy dick get bigger and full of cream. Just like Uncle Jeff's. I
felt him lining me up, once he was done rimming. He pushed inside me, and I
screamed. I couldn't help myself. I could see his terror even in the black
room. He tried to pull out, but I wouldn't let him. I'd waited for this for
way too long. I took the pain and it became pleasure. We made it work. He
was fucking me on little angels lolita video my sheets, the sheets I'd had for years. So white. Virgin
sheets for your devirginized son. He was saying these obscene things; I
can't even repeat them. He took full control of my body. He lifted my hips
off the bed and was slamming so far into me that I could feel his cock in my
throat. He was rough but he knew every last thing to get me off. I felt so
special, Daddy. Our eyes were locked, even young girl sexy lollita
in the darkness. I begged him to
fuck me, to plow his nephew, sodomize me like I wanted you to. And he did.
When he shot inside me, the ceiling became a galaxy. The world was a totally
different place. Oh Daddy..."I barely heard his final comments. The pictures of Jeff and Keith engaged in
drunken nephew/incest sex had corrupted my last vestiges of morality. I
swooped Keith into my arms and placed him on my lap. He knew what to do.
Keith slowly sank down on my 8 thick inches and pivoted back and forth, side
to side, riding me like a bronco."Finally, Daddy. Thank you. Not so tight now, am I? Jeff never really likes
to talk about what we do, but when we woke up the next morning, I sat on his
face, made him eat out the goods he dumped in me. We both knew that wasn't
the last time. He fucked me on the breakfast table, in the shower, in your
bed.""T-The bed I'm fucking you in NOW..." I hissed."Yep," Keith smirked. I tugged on his teen titan. He liked the feeling, even
if my hands weren't as rough as Jeff's."I always wanted you Daddy. He does too. He gets drunk and stoned a lot,
hell, so do I when he's around, and he tells me things. About you. And him.
Cock size comparing, circle jerks...oh yeah, fuck me there Daddy, get in
good...did you know he buttfucked the high school principal on top of his
desk?"I shook my head. Not a surprise though. My hips had a mind of their own and
were thrusting up and off the bed in violent, headboard-rattling fashion.
Keith's head was thrown back. We were both sweat-drenched and
incomprehensible."I call him by your name when we fuck, Daddy. Will you call him Keith when
you tag his ass?"OH FUCKKKKKK....that was all I could take. I slammed my bone all the way
inside him, my fatherly fluids pics of lolita nudist shooting into his tight pussy in epic
proportions. His whole body trembled, slight mewls and whimpers his only
response as he took my cream. His own prick spurted and tremored yet another
load onto my well-matted chest.Then he collapsed onto aforementioned chest. I stroked his hair, kissed his
ears. Thought about some of what he'd said to me. I didn't want to spoil the
moment, but..."Son, the drugs and the alcohol, I really don't think that's a good idea."Keith smirked against my left nipple. He bit down hard. Little punk."I wanna have a future, OK dad? I take it in moderation. Jeff would kick my
ass if he thought I had a problem."I guess that had to be good enough."My little boy seems to be a man now. I think you've done more than I have.
Except having sex with a woman."He smirked into my chest against. Christ."Pussy isn't my favorite teenie lolita sex pic thing in the world, Dad, but I tried it. Remember
that sitter you got a few years ago? Ms. Dianosta? With the low-cut blouse?
I told you I was too old for a sitter? Well, she agreed, and she decided to
teach me how to tango. She rubbed against my..."I felt his tongue between my pecs, lapping up our combined semen. He started
talking again, started getting me hard yet again. All I could wonder was why
my babysitters had always looked like the Wicked Witch of the West.--My e-mail address is HotStoryLvrhotmail.com
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